Anil Merchant By Anil Merchant • December 22, 2016

Autonomous Cars for Your Airport Car Service? Not quite yet


We've all heard the hype over autonomous cars being (potentially) the next big thing.  And while it may be down the line; for the foreseeable future, good old fashion Human drivers are here to stay. 

The thing is, when you're figuring out your travel plans and finally book your airport car service, you want a service you can rely on and trust.  If flight times change and you need to modify your reservation, you need someone you can call and talk to.  If you need to stop over to the store to pick something up on your way to the airport, again, it's nice having a driver you can openly talk to.  And last but not least, the ability to actually have a nice warm conversation is highly undervalued, especially when you're already nervous about travel and could use a good conversation to calm your nerves.  

SocialDrv prides itself on it's excellent reputation for service (feel free to browse reviews at:  A big part of our service is our excellent driver base.  

Autonomous cars may sound cool, but for now, we prefer to stick with our amazing drivers.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the manner as well in the comments section below!

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