Anil Merchant By Anil Merchant • September 6, 2017

Mobility as a Service

More and more US citizens in the age group 18-35 have stopped buying cars, especially in dense urban centers. Where is the future of transportation headed? Will we see flying cars and autonomous vehicles all around our streets? Maybe not for the next five years - there are several frameworks being designed currently at the city, state and federal levels regarding safety regulations for when autonomous vehicles roll out on the streets with human drivers. What we do know now is that transportation in its traditional form has changed more dramatically in the last 10 years than it had in the 100 years prior to that.

Shared mobility car service is having a transformative impact on many cities by enhancing transportation accessibility, increasing multimodality, reducing vehicle ownership and vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in some cases, and providing new ways to access goods and services. There are a number of environmental, social, and transportation-related benefits from the use of shared mobility modes. There has been a sharp reduction in vehicle use, ownership, and vehicle miles/kilometers traveled. The main reasons for shifting to a shared mode are cost savings and convenience. Shared mobility can also provide economic benefits in the form of cost savings, increased economic activity near public transit stations and multimodal hubs, and increased access by creating connections with origin points not previously accessible via traditional public transportation.




All of this this has made “Mobility As a Service” a catchphrase in many urban centers- imagine a future where you use a vehicle only when you need it, and it does not sit idle the rest of the day. A lot of car services today hinge heavily on digitization and internet access though- leaving tremendous scope for non-digital elements in the ecosystem. Imagine a future where you order a ride for the airport the next day and it takes into consideration your preferences to match you with the most comfortable, hassle-free ride. Or when you land after a long trip and your ride is waiting to pick you up? It is possible with SocialDrv, and this is just the beginning of the changes we will see in transportation and mobility as a whole.