By Marc Washington • April 24, 2017

Coming to San Francisco for Business at Moscone Center?

Moscone Center Guide for the Business Traveler

San Francisco (SF) is indeed a major city for tourist travel, but it is also a focal point for business travel. As a host to major tech conferences such as Dreamforce (Salesforce) or Oracle Open World, SF is an important destination for conferences.

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Currently there are two components to the convention center; Moscone West on the corner of 4th and Howard, and Moscone South and North half a block underneath Howard St. Construction is currently underway to expand the Center on the 3rd and Howard side as well.

San Francisco may be a busy, crowded, and congested city, but the benefit is that almost everything is within walking distance or a short ride away. Here are some options and tips to the Business Traveler visiting Moscone Center.

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There are a myriad and multitude of food options near Moscone Center. Where to start? Here are some ideas to get started:

Tight Budget (under $10)

  • Freshroll Vietnamese Rolls & Bowls: Spring rolls, vermicelli bowls with your choice of meat (4th st. across from Moscone West)
  • Ayola: Middle Eastern specializing in Falafel, Gyro and Shwarma wraps (New Montgomery & Howard St.)
  • SF Deli & Wine: Custom deli Sandwiches for $7.50 (4th and Mission St.)
  • Super Duper Burgers: One of the finest burgers in the city (Mission St. next to Target)
  • Metreon Food Court: Sorabol (Korean), Chipotle, Buckhorn (Burgers/ Sandwiches), SF Soup Company
  • Trader Joe's: TJs offers the best budget bite with salads and wraps for under $5 (4th st. between Market and Mission)

Generous Budget (under $20)

  • Tropisueno: A popular Mexican restaurant with a great South of the border vibe and unlimited free chips with your order (Yerba Buena Lane, behind Marriott)
  • The Grove: Serves a variety of sandwiches and salads with outdoor seating (3rd and Howard)
  • Lemonade: Offer a variety of California cuisines and very good freshly squeezed lemonade (Next to Super Duper Burgers)
  • Westfield Food Court: Unlike most mall food courts, Westfield offers a variety of delicious food options from Lobster Sandwiches to Brazilian steak combo meals (Westfield Center basement)
  • Off the Grid Food Trucks: On Wednesdays and Fridays, a variety of Food Trucks congregate at 5th and Minna St.

Evening Dining (great options for dinners with clients)

  • Takoba: offering a variety of Japanese dishes such as California rolls, sashimi, and appetizers (New Montgomery and Minna St.)
  • Delarosa: Italian comfort foods such as thin crust pizza and pasta (Yerba Buena Lane)
  • Bluestem Brasseire: American cuisine featuring items such as burgers, filet minion, and seared steelhead trout (Yerba Buena Lane)


A day at the convention can be long and tiring, here are some great pubs to unwind and relax at:


San Francisco offers a couple options for bars with activities

  • SPIN: rent ping pong tables by the hour, grab a drink or order some food
  • Golden Gate Tap Room: a bar with games such as pool tables, Foosball, and arcade games as well as some great food


Moscone Center is in the heart of downtown San Francisco. There are a myriad of options to the convention center, but they all depend on if you value time, money, or patience

  • BART: Connecting directly with SFO and Oakland airport, BART is the most convenient way to downtown. It is the best option if you have time or patience as trains can become overcrowded or delayed at times
  • SocialDrv: A new rideshare service that offers the convenience of pre-booking a ride with affordable prices to SFO, San Jose, and Oakland Airport. Think of it as a private car service with affordable rates and very friendly drivers. Use code: BIZ10 for 10% off your ride.
  • Uber/Lyft: Rideshares have become very popular due to their ease of use and convenience. Uber/Lyft offer convenience, but can also be very expensive and hard to get a ride right after a convention (not pre-booked). If you have a flight to catch, that creates a stressful situation with surge pricing and high demand

We hope that this guide has helped to make your next trip to San Francisco and Moscone Center a lot easier. There are always a lot more options available depending on where your hotel is, using Yelp is the easiest way to find what you need in the City by the Bay.

To see how SocialDrv is the perfect option to your next convention, get started by clicking below.

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