Anil Merchant By Anil Merchant • September 5, 2016

The Difference Between SocialDrv & any other Airport Taxi


Every now and then, we like to share real life stories from our amazing drivers that showcase the personalized touch that SocialDrv offers.  Our drivers take great pride in providing the best service for their customers and some go on to write their own blog posts so as to share their stories, tips, and suggestions with other drivers (and customers!).  Below is a blog written by one of our amazing drivers, George Flores:

"My first personal story: This was an experience that I probably might not experience too often. But it happened. There was a client who just got in from an overnight flight from Bombay. I was there on time and we communicated and he said he was waiting for 1 more suit case. As a company unwritten policy that treats people like family I told him not to worry, I would not leave him stranded; especially because it was his first time here in the States. Anyways an hour after that phone call he frantically called me and asked if I was still there waiting? I said '"of course!". I could tell he was genuinely worried I would leave, like every other airport taxi he had previously taken. So I first assured him I'd stick around and not to panic and then I mentioned that he might want to check with airport personnel.  After that suggestion he started walking towards airport personal; as he started to walk around the baggage carousal he spotted his other suitcase! Low and behold some other passenger thinking it was his pulled the bag off the carousal and never put it back after realizing it was NOT his! The moral of this story: 1) Keep your customers calm and 2) Think of every possibility!!"

SocialDrv prides itself on its amazing drivers and service.  Stories like the above are what we're all about!  The next time you may need an affordable, reliable, and pleasant airport ride, try SocialDrv!

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